Heres my button in case you wanted to link me!! I link back ;P

12.4.2022: Site done! Thank Satan.
12.5.2022: No real progress to any major links done buuuut... Tezcka gifypet :3...
12.6.2022: Chatbox and Shotel gifypet have been added!
To do: Finish love shrine, do OC world (someday), add more site decor!

6.12.2022: SONG OTD!

Rosemary - Deftones (Makes me good cry.)

Hello!! Welcome to my homepage! My name is Aspen, but for the sake of theming, calling me Albion is okay too!

I've been coding for a few months now and this site is the product of my efforts! I'm a teenager and really loathe the outerweb spaces for us, so what better way to combat that than make my own?

This layout may change but I like it as is!! I'm still pretty next to this, so I'm unsure how easily my code can be stolen but please don't do that!! ;-;

Just your average trans goth internet girlthing.. I guess I should talk about myself? Who knows.

Me and my boyfs oc have been domesticated for your veiwing pleasure.
DAY LOG Small blog area until I put something nicer here!
- I've been fixing up web things all day. Also listening and watching cosplay meetups from 2016 make me so sad! WDYM that was nearly seven years ago?? I watched that when it came out ;-;!! Here's the video ive been rewatching lately.. Makes me sob.
ART OTM CREDS TO psii.rockin ON instgram!!!

The way he draws my babies is so good im sobbinnnnggg!!!!